Our Vision


To be the foremost School of Government and Public Policy committed to producing high skilled public and private sector practitioner and aspiring early starter personnel for service in both private and public sector in Africa.


The Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP) is an independent organization devoted to research and executive education in support of governance and policy work in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. ISGPP serves as an innovative platform for community engagement on issues of governance, democracy and development. It serves as a platform that connects the government, private sector, higher educational institutions and civil society to the promotion of a strong coalition of forces committed to achieving sustainable development in Africa.

ISGPP offers a range of educational programmes including short certificate and online courses, customized training programmes and community engagement services. There are also special programmes for upcoming executives, managers and top management staff. It also actively embraces the concept of catch them young through its mentoring/internship services open to undergraduates, postgraduate students and young researchers.

Our programmes are based on cooperation with universities and educational institutes in many countries.  We believe the importance of education is a vital component of a country’s national development efforts and know the incomparable advantages of training the workforce of tomorrow.

“To enhance the quality of the Nigerian population, the nation must determine and strive to educate all its offsprings and citizens. –Prof Akin Mabogunje. CFR CON NNOM

Our research pedigree enriches the quality of programmes we offer. We also have a diverse pool of faculty and staff with different skills and specializations. Experiencing different cultures is in itself,educational.

The Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy aims to share international best practices and innovations applicable to executive education especially in the areas of management, administration and public policy, and to provide an international meeting place where professionals learn from top academics and industry experts and from one other.